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  • Baby Boy Owen

    When Jeff and Lacey adopted their daughter, Harper, from Angel, the wait was long, but they just knew in their hearts that if they were patient and "all-in" that their desire to grow their family would be answered. They came back to Angel again in March of last year (when Harper was just a little over a year old) with a similar devotion to making her a big sister. In late January of this year, they had the opportunity to speak with their son's birthmother and she went into labor at the end of March. In nine short months, Owen joined their family. Jeff and Lacey have maintained a good relationship with Owen's birthmother. She is a very strong and sweet woman. While their family of four has been through all of the beauty and trials that adoption has to offer, they wouldn't have it any other way. Their hearts are so full of gratitude for the choice Owen's birthmother made to allow him to join their family.

  • Baby Boy Thomas Randall

    After waiting 23 months, Bradley and Wynn received the call they had been waiting for. An expectant mother had chosen them and was due in March. They welcomed their little boy at the beginning of March and named him Thomas Randall. Everyone here at Angel couldn't be happier for them after they had waited so long. It just shows that what's meant to be will be and we all believe in miracles.

  • Baby Girl Ava Grace

    Every once in a while, a situation comes along that everyone involved knows is just meant to be. Tyler and Cadee felt this way about their relationship, having gotten married just seven months after their first date. And they had a similar feeling of serendipity as God led them on their path to their daughter, Ava. After joining Angel in May of 2017, they had their first conversation with Ava's birthmother in January 2018. Ava was born in early March and suddenly where God had brought together a family of two, it grew to three — all because two people fell in love and trusted God when He placed adoption in their hearts!

  • Baby Girl Maya

    Amy and Marc spent the last part of 2018 getting to know their daughter's birthmother and building a special connection. Amy and Marc were able to be there for the birth of their daughter, welcoming Maya into the world on January 18, 2018. We are grateful for the relationship that was formed between Amy, Marc, and Maya's birthmother. What a special gift Maya has been!

  • Baby Girl Isabelle Rose

    In August, we reached out to Wendy with a potential connection. Despite the many uncertainties involved, Wendy stayed positive and was ready to move forward. Much to everyone's surprise, Wendy's birthmother went into labor at only 35 weeks and delivered a precious baby girl. Wendy was able to get to her daughter quickly and met her just 48 hours after she was born. Isabella Rose - Ella for short - was born October 1, 2017, eager to meet the world! Wendy spent the month of October at the hospital, allowing Ella the time she needed to get stronger. When they were discharged on October 20, they were quick to head back to the Midwest and settle into life together! Congratulations to this happy family!

  • Baby Boy Alexander Oakley

    Bobby and Korey were fully prepared for a long adoption process, but were blessed to connect with their son's birthparents after only eight months! They spent the final month of the pregnancy getting to know both birth parents and welcomed their son, Alexander Oakley, into the world on March 5, 2018. Although their connection was quick, Bobby and Korey were so caring toward their son's birthparents and their adoption plan. Congratulations to these two new daddies, Alexander is one lucky little guy!

  • Baby Girl Marlie Jean

    Vera and Sheldon had very little time to prepare for the birth of their daughter, as she was born the same day that her birthmother contacted Angel! Originally planning to work with a local agency, their daughter's birthmom had an adoption plan in place, but due to the lack of responsiveness, she contacted Angel. Angel was quick to connect her with a family and Vera and Sheldon raced to Connecticut to meet their daughter. Marlie Jean was born February 24, 2018, and met her adoptive parents shortly after. Marlie's birthmother had placed for adoption in the past and while every pregnancy is different, we are grateful that she kept her heart open to this process a second time! Vera and Sheldon were nothing but wonderful with Marlie's birthmom and we are sending them all the love and happiness in the world!

  • Baby Girl Fiona

    While the wait for their daughter was long, it was worth it in the end! Robert and Tony started building a relationship with their daughter's birthmother in January, expecting to have until April to get to know her. Their daughter's birthmother ended up having an emergency delivery on February 24, 2018. The very next day, they met their daughter, Fiona! Going into the adoption process, Fiona's birthmother was leaning toward a closed adoption. After she saw the love and support Robert and Tony showed her, she decided she wanted to continue a relationship with them and Fiona in the future! Fiona is a lucky little girl to have the love of her birthmother and the love of her two dads. Congratulations!

  • Baby Girl Anneliese

    When Karen and Jonathan's birthmother first saw their profile, she was instantly drawn to them because of the love they had for their pets. She is a vet tech and loved that they had animals in their home. After spending a weekend texting back and forth, everyone felt this was the perfect connection. Karen and Jonathan were able to spend the week of Thanksgiving with their daughter's birthmother, getting to know her and supporting her through the final days of her pregnancy. Sweet baby girl Anneliese was born on November 30, 2017, surrounded by the love of her birthmother and adoptive parents. Congratulations to this new family of three!

  • Baby Girl Royalty Elizabeth

    Marianne was confident that the adoption process was the way she was meant to build her family. After connecting, Marianne and her daughter's birthmother spent the weeks leading up to delivery getting to know each other. They even discussed names for the baby together! Royalty Elizabeth, born February 19, 2018, lives up to her name by being Marianne's little princess. Congratulations to new mom, Marianne, who is not only wonderful to Royalty but was so supportive of Royalty's birthmother through the adoption process.