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  • Baby Girl Emmaline Love

    Jessica and Steve returned to Angel after successfully adopting fraternal twins, having one biological daughter, and adopting a son. In terms of domestic infant adoption, they were basically pros and yet they felt their hearts had more than enough love for a fifth child. We are so grateful they sought our services to complete their dream family! In just four months, on April 10th, they were introduced to their youngest daughter, Emmaline Love. We couldn't be more excited for this wonderful family!

  • Baby Girl Guiliana Lavina

    As an Illinois family, Chris and Angie had the opportunity to come into Angel's office, not just for their initial meeting with Angel, but also to meet with their Adoptive Parent Coordinator, Kieta. She cautioned them that while everyone hopes for a quick placement, it is not most families' reality...only to have them be one of those lucky families. They joined Angel in late July 2017, and their daughter Guiliana Lavina was born on March 20th. Chris and Angie happily traveled to California for their daughter's scheduled C-section. While they absolutely know Guiliana would have been worth years of waiting, they are unbelievably thrilled to have had their adoption dreams realized in just seven months. Congratulations, Chris, Angie, and Guiliana!

  • Baby Boy Walker Ridge

    While Brad and Micah had been through the adoption process before, their two adopted children, Brantley and Lillian, had been placed with them through foster care. Their work with Angel was brand new as they stepped into the different world of domestic infant adoption. Though they had one boy and one girl, they just knew their family wasn't done growing. They joined Angel in April of 2017, and began communicating with their son's birthmother in December - just about the greatest Christmas present they could have hoped for, especially since Christmas is Micah's favorite holiday. Walker Ridge was born in March and is settling in nicely as the youngest member of this beautiful family.

  • Baby Boy Davis

    On March 12, 2018, Korinne got the call she had been waiting for: an expectant mom was wanting to start talking with her. A few short months later, on June 12, 2018, her son, Davis, was born! Davis' amazing birthmother, who we were in touch with since December of 2017, made the brave decision to call Angel and set up an adoption plan for her son. We are so thankful for Davis' birthmother. Because of her selfless act, another family has had their dreams come true. Korinne adopted in a quick eight months!

  • Baby Boy Henry Robert

    Shannon and Mike began working with Angel in July of 2017. Having been adopted herself, Shannon was excited to begin the adoption process. The couple remained positive and patient as they waited to connect with an expectant mother. In April, they received the news they had been waiting for by getting introduced to a wonderful birthmother who was due in just a few weeks. On May 14, Shannon and Mike welcomed Henry Robert into their family. Angel could not be more excited to watch their wonderful family blossom!

  • Baby Boy Ryan

    Congratulations to Heather and Jeff on the birth of their son, Ryan! His birthmother contacted Angel about three months after Heather and Jeff joined began working with us. Ryan was born in the early hours of May 2nd and the adoptive parents couldn't be happier. We wish them a lifetime of happiness!

  • Baby Girl Faith

    The word 'hope' took on a whole new meaning in Celeste and Naro's adoption journey. They started talking with their expectant mother within two weeks of their profile being approved. She thought she was due at the beginning of April (which was only a few weeks away!). They were shocked at the quick connection but ready to move forward with anything they needed to do. The expectant mother's due date quickly came and went and everyone started to wonder if the baby was ever going to come. Giving up on hope and faith was never an option for Celest and Naro. It wasn't until three weeks after her initial due date that the expectant mom welcomed a baby girl into this world. On April 24, 2018, Faith was born, and these new parents are so in love!

  • Baby Girl Perrie Angel

    Tim and Jess radiated positivity throughout their entire journey at Angel. After just six short months, they started talking with their expectant mother and it was truly a perfect match! They were all from the same state and shared the same family values. Tim and Jess were able to meet with the expectant mother and her mother a few times before the birth of their daughter, Perrie Angel (a name they all decided on together). She was born on April 4, 2018, and was surrounded by the love of both her adoptive and birth families. Their relationship couldn't be stronger and they continue to send pictures and have plans to meet again this summer! A truly heartwarming connection.

  • Baby Boy Kian

    “Congratulations! You have been connected with an expectant mother!” This what Jennifer heard from her adoptive parent coordinator Kieta a week before her son’s birthmother was due! Jennifer began her journey with Angel Adoption in June 2016. After several opportunities that proved not to be the right one, she was ecstatic to start connecting with this expectant mother. Jennifer and the birthmother were overjoyed to welcome baby boy Kian into the world on March 22, 2018. Congratulations to Jennifer!

  • Baby Boy Zalyn

    Duran and Shunda were prepared to wait, but in less than three months they were not only connected with their son's birthmother, but also had their son in their arms! They did not expect for the journey to move so quickly, but it all happened ten days after their first conversation with their son's birthmother. With the guidance of their Adoptive Parent Coordinator, Sam, along with their Birthmother Coordinator, Sue, they were able to easily navigate the fast connection. Easter was extra special this year, as their son, Zalyn, made his appearance on April 1, 2018. The strong bond made between the adoptive parents and the birthmother in such a short amount of time was truly special!