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  • Baby Boy Maximus Thomas

    Ashleigh and Matt contacted Angel in hopes of beginning their family together. They enthusiastically awaited contact with an expectant mother and within eight months they were blessed with that opportunity! They felt an instant connection with their son's birthmother and communicated frequently. It was truly a match made in heaven. On March 30th, the couple welcomed their son Maximus Thomas. Congratulations Ashleigh & Matt! Angel could not be happier for your family!

  • Baby Boy Carter Joseph

    Jennifer and Steve first came to Angel at the end of 2014. Their adoption journey got a bit derailed when they learned they would be moving to a whole different state! After getting settled in their brand new location, they were ready to once again pursue their dream of becoming parents. Despite a few missed connections along the way, their dream came true when their son's birthmother chose them in July of 2018. Carter was born just a month later on August 16th, 2018. Life has been busy as a family of three visiting with family, but Jen and Steve could not be more excited to learn and grow alongside their little man.

  • Baby Girl Tiana Joy

    Tkale and Brandon experienced all of the ups and downs the adoption journey can sometimes bring after talking previously with two other expectant mothers and enduring a failed adoption. As it turns out though, third time's the charm! They were able to meet with their daughter's birthmother a few months before she delivered and even got to attend a doctor's appointment. They were there for the birth of their daughter, Tiana Joy, on August 2, 2018. She was welcomed with open arms by her two new siblings. Congratulations to this wonderful family!

  • Baby Girl Riley Nicole

    Adoption had been close to Nici and Zach's hearts as they had adopted their daughter a few years before signing on with Angel. They started talking with their expectant mother in just nine short months. With the help of their community and an amazing team, they were able to help get her and her children into a safe, forever home. They were blessed with another daughter, Riley Nicole on July 30, 2018, and are forever grateful. We can't thank you enough for being a true example of how kindness and love can overcome any obstacle. Congratulations!

  • Baby Boy Colten James

    Chad and Danielle remained calm throughout the entire adoption process, even after learning their expectant mother's due date had gotten pushed up to two months earlier! They had planned to meet her for the first time the last weekend in July while still thinking they would have another month or so before the baby was born. Little did they know that their son, Colten James, was going to make his appearance that same weekend! He was born in the early hours on July 25, 2018. We are thrilled for them and grateful we got to be a part of their journey!

  • Baby Boy Tyler David

    It was a long and enduring road for Pamela and Jesse before signing on with Angel. They always remained hopeful and their excitement to become parents though, and that is what kept them going. After a quick two months, Pamela and Jesse got a last-minute call that would change everything. Their incredible birthmom made this brave choice to place with Pamela and Jesse last minute from the hospital. Their son, Tyler David, was born on July 6, 2018, and we cannot admire her enough for her strength in making Pamela and Jesse's dreams of parenthood come true. Congratulations to this sweet couple!

  • Baby Girl Emerson

    We are so excited to announce that Tracy and Jason were blessed with a beautiful baby girl! Little Emerson came into their lives after just nine months of waiting. She was born on June 17, 2018, and was immediately welcomed into the world by her new parents. After finding their amazing birthmom on Facebook, Tracy and Jason developed a beautiful forever bond with this woman who made such a selfless and brave decision. The Angel family is so truly happy for this new family and we hope that they all have many amazing memories together!

  • Baby Boy Aaron

    Already a mother to one boy, Alexis contacted Angel to explore her options for expanding her family. She began working with Angel in November, and just a few short months later, she was overjoyed to find that an expectant mother had chosen her. She and Alexis starting talking and texting almost daily throughout her pregnancy. The two formed a very honest and open relationship and met in person in May. On May 26th, Aaron was born and joined his mother Alexis and older brother. Angel could not be more thrilled!

  • Baby Boy Judah Asher

    Rebecca and Mike started their journey with Angel in late January 2017. A year later, Rebecca and Mike began talking with their son’s birthmother. These adoptive parents were able to meet their son’s birthmom a month before she gave birth. On May 18th, Rebecca and Mike welcomed Judah Asher into the world and he was totally worth the wait! His middle name is in honor of his birthmother's first name and a testament to all of the love everyone involved has for this sweet little boy.

  • Baby Boy Salem Joseph

    It happened so quickly for this wonderful couple! Tim and Joe reached out to Angel Adoption in June 2017, in hopes of growing their family. In November 2017, they began talking with their son’s birthmother. They were fortunate to be able to build a relationship with her and then, thanks to flexibility with their jobs, were able travel to be with her in Michigan for the two weeks leading up to the delivery. Salem Joseph was welcomed into the world on May 15, 2018, with two happy dads by his side. Congratulations to Tim and Joe on your new love!