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  • Baby Boy Jacob Oliver

    Robert and LeAnne were actually chosen right after joining Angel! They were wonderful about jumping right in with both feet. Even though this connection did not work out, they were very supportive of that expectant mother's decision to parent. Moving forward, they had only a short month-long wait before being chosen again. They formed a great bond and were able to be present at the birth of their son, Jacob Oliver, who was born on July 6, 2018. They truly enjoyed each moment of their journey from getting to know their birthmother to becoming parents to sweet Jacob!

  • Baby Girl Sierra Louise

    Sean and Catherine first started this journey in March of 2016. Despite having a longer wait, they never lost hope and managed to stay positive through a failed connection. When their birthmother first communicated with them, it definitely felt like it was meant to be. Their daughter's birthmother was also very confident in her decision to place after speaking with them. Three short months later, Sierra Louise was born on July 6th, 2018. This family of three couldn't be happier!

  • Baby Boy Archer Edison

    Seth and Ramona were chosen by their son's birthmother when she was midway through her pregnancy. They were very supportive and even took the opportunity to go and visit her and attend some of her doctor's appointments. When the time came, they were thrilled to finally meet their son, Archer Edison, who joined the family on the 4th of July! Archer wore sweet American Flag pajamas at the hospital. Congratulations to this beautiful family!

  • Baby Boy Liam Alexander

    June might be the month for weddings, but for Richard and Diane, it held the culmination of a dream they'd been cherishing in their hearts for years. Summertime smiled upon them as they patiently waited, trusting that their miracle would find them at the right time. Their son's birthmother chose them just a few weeks before her due date, and on June 22nd, Liam Alexander became their answered prayer. Congratulations Richard, Diane, and Liam!

  • Baby Girl Gabriella Ryanne

    Congratulations to Stacey and Mandie! They joined Angel in 2017 and were chosen by an expectant mom just seven months later. This connection was not meant to be, but they were so incredibly understanding and gracious and decided to keep trusting the process. Little did they know, their little girl was just around the corner! They got the call just a few days later that they had been chosen again. Their daughter, Gabriella Ryanne, was born one month later on June 16th, 2018. They are loving being parents — congratulations!

  • Baby Boy Kellan Gabriel

    Shawn and AJ joined Angel Adoption in August of 2016. Having already experienced the adoption process once, they felt emotionally ready to start the journey again. Though the journey inevitably presented challenges, they trusted the process and waited patiently for their right birthmother to come along. Almost two years later, Shawn and AJ began talking with their future son’s birthmother. They soon discovered they were not the only ones supporting her; her own family also reassured her this was the right path to take. Kellan Gabriel, born on May 17, 2018, was their second miracle (lightning really can strike twice!) and Angel could not be any more happy for this growing family!

  • Baby Boy Parker Conrad

    Chris and Brian started this journey full of hope and feeling so ready to grow their family. Throughout the process, they were very patient and didn't lose confidence when a connection didn't work out. Their positive attitudes paid off when they were chosen again and learned their expectant mom was due in just a month! When she actually delivered early, just three days later, they then sprang into action. They rushed to the hospital to meet their new son, Parker Conrad, who was born on May 8th, 2018. They are now a happy family of three!

  • Baby Boy Maximus Gregor

    Sometimes "the call" comes and you have months to prepare; sometimes you have only hours. Steve and Annie were chosen by their son's birthmother just a week before she delivered and they wasted no time getting to Utah. Though they had been through another opportunity that hadn't worked out, they were still hopeful that this would be the moment their lives would change. Maximus Gregor was born on May 4th (a day revered by Star Wars fans who like to say ("May the 4th be with you"). Steve and Annie know that whether it was the force, Divine timing, or just plain LOVE, their family was blessed beyond measure the moment little Maximus became a member.

  • Baby Boy Carter Michael

    Stephanie's journey to motherhood was full of waiting, hope, waiting, opportunities that proved not to be right, and — you guessed it — more waiting. As the end of her contract neared, Stephanie remained committed to doing whatever she needed to do to make her dream of becoming a mother come true. And then, at the end of April, she got a call telling her to head straight to Nebraska where her son was already born and waiting for her! Carter Michael was in the NICU and Stephanie had to spend a few weeks out of state waiting for ICPC to go through, but she wouldn't change a single second of it. Congratulations, Carter. Your mom is awesome (and so are you!).

  • Baby Girl Avery Winter

    Congratulations to Amy, who welcomed her daughter Avery Winter on April 17th. She began working with Angel in May of 2017, with the hopes of starting her family. In January, her Adoptive Parent Coordinator, Kieta, and Birthmother Coordinator, Samantha, were very excited to introduce Amy to her daughter's birthmother. We are so thrilled to help build families and admire Amy's desire to join the ranks of amazing single moms!