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African American Adoptions

Angel Adoption is committed to finding families for African American children. Our commitment to personalized service makes our program a successful part of Angel Adoption, Inc.

Most families that join our African American Program will have an adopted baby in their home within 12 months. Our program is open to:

  • Couples or singles who are at least 25 years of age (infertility is not a requirement)
  • People of any race or income range
  • Home study ready individuals or couples (please contact us for information if you do not have a home study)

In an effort to promote full African American adoptions, the fee will be $7,200.00 for a 24 month contract.

The full $7,200 is due at the time of contracting with us.

There will be an agency assist fee and attorney fee that will total approximately $3,000.00ā€“$9,000.00. These fees will be paid directly to the agency and the attorney.

Total fee will be approximately $11,700ā€“$18,700.00 plus travel, if applicable - minus $12,970.00 tax credit.

** Please remember to contact your tax specialist to see if you qualify for the Adoption Tax Credit.

The Adoption Tax Credit is $12,970.00 and has been made permanent in January 2013. The adoption credit is not refundable and the maximum adoption tax credit is $12,970, for all qualifying adoption expenses. Most of Angel Adoption's families are able to benefit from this tax credit, which significantly reduces the cost of adoption.

** The National Adoption Information Clearinghouse web site provides general information on tax credits, employee adoption benefits, loans and other financing options:

For more inormation call our office or fill out our Free Adoption Application.

"Please remember that Angel Adoption is always looking for loving families that wish to bring the miracle of adoption into their lives."