How it All Began...

Deciding to Adopt

I have always wanted to be a mom from a young age. I just wasn’t meeting the right person to start a family with. Twenty-five years ago, my aunt adopted a boy from China, and in the back of my mind, I always wondered if that could be an option for me. Over the last couple of years, I started to research adoption as a possibility for me to become a mom. At first, I tried to adopt internationally as my aunt did many years ago. When I started the process, I found out it was unusually long and intensive, with many courses, questionnaires, and forms to fill out. There were many uncertainties, such as going to a different country, which I was not comfortable with. When I found Angel Adoption, I was ecstatic. I immediately changed my route to domestic adoption.

With Angel Adoption, I just knew it would be the right fit. I’m a spiritual person, and the name itself just told me that the staff were people of faith. I read many success stories on their website. These stories gave me hope that adoption was the right avenue for me. I liked how they try to find the right connection between the adoptive family and the birthmother. Along the way, they were transparent, supportive, and passionate people who guided me through my adoption journey.

The Journey Began

When I began, it was very overwhelming. I didn’t know the logistics of it. There are so many layers of the process as many entities are involved, but Angel gave me the type of education that allowed me to ask the right questions at each stage of the process.

For the most part, the process was smooth for me, but there were parts that were difficult. Just having people who supported me along the way, my friends and family and adoption professionals that really understood me, helped me to make the right decisions all along the process.

My friends and family were very supportive of me when I decided to adopt. My sister came with me to Michigan when I met the expectant mother for the first time. I was very nervous, but having my sister’s support meant the world to me.

When the Day Came

When I received the news that I was picked by an expectant mother, I immediately texted her. After that, we texted every single day until I went to Michigan when she gave birth. I still vividly remember the night she went into labor. She texted saying that she was in labor and shortly after, she gave birth. It all happened so quickly. My sister and I booked plane tickets right away and were able to get to the hospital.

When we got there, I gave my son’s birthmother a big hug. It was a beautiful moment, and we had a really good conversation. She showed me what to do for a newborn and she felt like another family member at that moment.

When I saw Landon for the first time, I was over the moon. He was in a bassinet, and when I picked him up to hold him, it just felt “right.” At Angel Adoption, the staff often said, “The right baby will come at the right time.” I never knew what that meant until this moment. I just felt Landon and I fit perfectly together as a family.

After we arrived home, and even now, I keep in touch with his birthmother. We sometimes share recipes and pictures via text. As our relationship progressed over the months leading up to her delivery, it was apparent to both of us that we wanted to stay in touch. We naturally wanted to be a part of each other’s lives because we are a good fit for one another.

Beyond Grateful

My adoption process wasn’t without its ups and downs. The entire journey took about one and a half years. From the beginning, I knew it could take that long. I read stories of single parent adoptions from the Angel Adoption website, and the Angel staff set the right expectations for me. They even told me to enjoy my life, enjoy taking naps, and enjoy taking care of myself. During the wait, that’s exactly what I did. When things didn’t work out with the first expectant mother I talked to, I was upset, but I knew I would succeed eventually.

Having been through the journey, I’m confident that if I decide to adopt a second time someday, I would be able to navigate this process again. Similarly, if I had a friend who wanted to adopt, I’d tell that friend, “Just be patient because the right child will come to you at the right time.” Finding the right people to help you is the first step. Then all you have to do is be optimistic and enjoy the process. It can be an emotional process, but it is so worth it.