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Watch Heather & Tom’s Inspirational Adoption Journey

Hopeful parents Heather & Tom had a bumpy and emotional adoption journey. After eight failed connections with birthmothers, they had seen multiple different ultrasound photos, changed nursery decor multiple times, and suffered through multiple heartbreaks.

Everything changed when they received a phone call exactly two years after they had started the adoption process. A birthmother asked Heather & Tom to be parents to her newborn son.

Angel baby boy Breckin ThomasWe are thrilled to announce that baby boy Breckin Thomas was born and placed in the arms of his proud new parents, Heather & Tom, on July 6, 2016!

Even though Heather & Tom had a difficult journey, we feel that stories like these are so important to share with the adoption community because they show the power of persistence, patience, and positivity. So many adoptive parents say that everything you go through, no matter how hard, is totally worth it in the end, and this story is a shining example of that sentiment.

Watch this inspirational couple’s emotional adoption journey in this beautiful video. Special thanks to Heather & Tom for sharing your story, and our sincerest congratulations on your new family of three!