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Adoptive Parent Interview: Kristi & Robert

Angel Adoptive Parents Kristi and RobertKristi & Robert, proud parents to Angel baby boy Anthony James, were kind enough to answer a few questions about their adoption journey and what it was like to work with Angel Adoption!

How did you decide to adopt a baby?
We were not able to have children of our own and we were lead by God to adopt a child.

Why did you choose to work with Angel Adoption?
We didn’t choose Angel Adoption. Angel Adoption found us while searching on the web for agencies. We also liked the smaller amount of families waiting to adopt.

Angel Baby Boy Anthony JamesWhat were you most excited about?
The hope of a child to call our own and to finally have a family.

What were you most nervous about?
Was a birthmother ever going to pick us.

How did your friends and family react to your decision to adopt?
Our family and friends were supportive in our decision. The prayed for us on a daily basis. They understood that we were called by God to adopt.

What was it like meeting the birthmother for the first time?
Nerve racking. We were given a week to go down and meet her. Were we going to connect, hope we didn’t say something wrong to change her mind, were we going to bond, and was she going to go through with adoption?

Did you choose an open or closed adoption?
We choose a semi-open adoption. It was what birthmother wanted.

Describe receiving the call that your baby was being born and traveling to meet him.
The call surprised us as the birthmother went a week early. We were excited and nervous and wondering if the baby was okay. We just wanted to get there a soon a possible. We cried, we hurried, and we called our parents.

Describe the experience of finally meeting your baby.
A sense of completeness. He was perfect, and he felt like he was ours all along.

Angel Baby Boy Anthony JamesWhat is your relationship like with the birthmother?
We had a ton in common, we communicated on a daily basis until our baby was born. She told us she was glad to have picked us.

Adopting a baby can be a lengthy process – how did you get through the wait?
Openly talking about it, working hard and keeping busy. Continuing our daily routines. Our faith and hope in God.

Would you adopt again?
We would if it found us, but we are not looking for it.

What advice do you have to share with other adoptive parents?
Expect the unexpected. And enjoy every moment possible.