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Adoption Update – Baby Elijah Came to Visit!

Ryan-Katie-Elijah-Angel Staff

Ryan, Katie & Elijah joined by Angel staff Stephanie, Samantha, Lori & Mallory

We were elated when this brand new Angel Adoption family stopped in to our office for a visit!

Baby boy Elijah was born on December 18, 2015, and proud parents Ryan and Katie wanted to introduce us to their little bundle of joy.

Ryan and Katie are a shining example of the power of hope and perseverance: they had five failed adoptions along their journey. Despite the many heartbreaks, they remained positive and hopeful after every failed adoption. They truly knew it was not about them, but instead about the amazing woman who would be placing their baby with them.

Ryan-Katie-Elijah croppedAll their patience and hoping finally paid off when their sixth match finally brought them their miracle baby! We couldn’t be happier for this beautiful family. Baby Elijah is gorgeous, and we were so pleased to meet him.

Congratulations again to Ryan & Katie on your long-awaited dream come true!