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5 Fun Adoption Announcement Ideas

Angel baby boy Breckin ThomasAre you adopting and need some help figuring out how to announce it? Getting the word out lets your loved ones celebrate your adoption with you. Here are some cute ideas for announcing to your families and friends that you are bringing a child into your family.

Paper Announcements

In a play on using the traditional ultrasound announcement, some adoptive families choose to announce their adoption with an ultrasound that has a heart in the ultrasound picture where one might expect to see a fetus. You can also tell your families and friends that you are adopting with a card or piece of paper that informs them that you are “paper pregnant” to let them know that you are expecting a new member to join your family.

Get the Siblings Involved

If you already have children, get them involved in your adoption announcement! Have them hold up signs with numbers on them and use a globe for the child you are going to adopt with an arrow pointing to where the child is being adopted from. For example, if you have two other children they would hold signs reading “1” and “2”, and then have a globe with the number 3 with a arrow drawn to where child number 3 is coming from!

Puzzle Pieces

Another cute idea is to use puzzle pieces in your adoption announcement. Everyone loves a good metaphor (“We’ve found our missing piece!”) and it will be adorable. When you take your picture holding puzzle pieces have one that is missing to represent the child that is joining your family. Consider posing the missing piece in a wagon or on a chair at your feet, perhaps with the expected arrival month written on it if that is known.

Going Traveling

If you’re traveling to go get your child then a travel-themed announcement might be perfect. If you’re leaving the country to go get your little one to bring them home, use a globe, passports, and maybe a little suitcase. Also rather than doing the usual hands over your baby bump pose use a globe and use your hands to bring focus to where your baby was born! If you are traveling across your own country to your child, then try using a map with a line, showing that you are going on a journey to find your new family member.

Furry Announcements

If you have a pet, make use of their photogenic cuteness to announce your new family member! You can hang a sign around your dog’s neck saying something like “My parents are getting me a human!” or “I’m going to be a big brother!”. Cats can also star in an announcement — pose for a “the cat’s out of the bag” photo, or simply take a photo with the cat and some baby shoes.