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Family Type: Heterosexual Couple
Children: No
Location: MD
Religion: None/Catholic
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dear expectant mother

Dear Expectant Mother,

We write to you with hearts full of respect and gratitude for the weighty decisions you are courageously navigating. Your consideration of adoption speaks volumes about your love and selflessness, and we are profoundly thankful for the opportunity to connect with you through this process.

As a couple embarking on the path of adoption, our emotions are a mix of anticipation and deep commitment. Your baby, even before joining our lives, is already a cherished part of our journey. We are dedicated to providing a home overflowing with love, laughter, and unwavering support. Your well-being, as well as your baby's, is our top priority, and we are open to maintaining a connection that feels comfortable for you. Thank you for considering us as potential parents. We are inspired by your strength and honored by the possibility of expanding our family through your thoughtful decision.

About Us

How lucky we are to have stumbled into an incredible friendship—eight wonderful years, with five happily married. Our journey began on a dating app, and we playfully tease that opposites not only attract but add a delightful twist. Meet our furry family: Whiskey, the adventure-loving pup, and Kit-Kat, the occasionally grouchy cat, both stealing the spotlight in our hearts. Alberto, a Major in the U.S. Air Force, enjoys hitting the gym and kicking around a soccer ball. Kaycee, an Emergency Medicine RN, balances her love for reading with baking sweet treats. Weekends mean Whiskey’s antics, exploring nearby parks, and discovering new eateries. Thanks to Alberto’s military travels, we’ve called three different states home. Our life is a delightful blend of love, laughter, and everyday adventures. We're excitedly looking forward to expanding our family through adoption!

Our Home & Pets

Nestled in Maryland, our townhome in a friendly community is surrounded by local parks, museums, and excellent schools. We delight in leisurely walks and activities at the nearby parks and hiking trails. The diverse food scene around us thrills our adventurous palates, offering myriad culinary options. Our home is shared with two beloved pets: Whiskey, an energetic dog always up for play, and Kit-Kat, a cozy cat always finding sunny spots for naps. We're excited to expand our family through adoption and to share the warmth and love that define our home with a new member.

Our Extended Family

Alberto comes from a large family and is the oldest of four brothers. Alberto's parents, high school sweethearts of 35 years, remain happily married, laying the foundation for a warm and supportive family environment. The family's shared Spanish-speaking heritage creates a unique cultural connection that adds richness and closeness to their relationships.

Kaycee is the youngest of two daughters. Her sister's marriage to her high school sweetheart has extended the family circle. We, along with Kaycee's parents—who are wonderful and involved grandparents—maintain a strong connection with our niece, who is just starting elementary school.

Despite being physically separated due to Alberto’s active duty in the Air Force, our family prioritizes being together for significant life events and holidays. Our family cherishes traditions like Christmas Eve celebrations with Alberto's extended family. Kaycee ensures she never misses her niece's birthday, supporting the family's commitment to staying connected and making meaningful memories together. Despite the miles, our families are always within reach, just a plane ride away, ready to extend their support and embrace a new family member through the journey of adoption.

What Led Us To Adoption

Our decision to adopt is a heartfelt recognition that family is defined by love, not just blood. While we haven't embarked on this journey before, the prospect of adoption has always been in our hearts. We eagerly anticipate offering a loving, welcoming space for a child. Our commitment reflects a deep belief in the inclusive nature of family. As we approach this life-changing experience, our genuine hope is to create a home defined by shared values and enduring affection—a unique family story built on the foundation of love.

Fun Facts

About Kaycee
Occupation Emergency Medicine RN
Education Master’s
Race Caucasian
Favorite Hobby Reading
Favorite Movie Pretty Woman
Favorite Sport Baseball
Favorite Music Group Aaron Watson
Favorite TV Show Schitt’s Creek
Favorite Book To Kill a Mockingbird
Favorite Tradition Cutting down Christmas tree on Thanksgiving
Dream Vacation Greece
About Alberto
Occupation U.S. Air Force
Education Master’s
Race Hispanic
Favorite Hobby Hiking, weightlifting
Favorite Movie Gladiator
Favorite Sport Soccer
Favorite Music Group Blink-182
Favorite TV Show Modern Family
Favorite Book Ender’s Game
Favorite Tradition White Elephant on Christmas Eve
Dream Vacation Antarctica

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As you browse our list of hopeful adoptive parents, you can feel confident in knowing that all of the adoptive families working with Angel Adoption are prepared to offer your baby a safe, stable, and loving environment along with a wealth of opportunities for a happy and fulfilling life.

Each adoptive parent has been thoroughly evaluated through a home study course conducted by a licensed agency. A completed home study means the family is emotionally, physically, and financially ready to adopt a baby.

The home study process includes assessments of each parent’s character, marital stability, financial situation, lifestyle, and medical history. The agency also runs background checks to verify there is no record of criminal activity or child abuse. In addition, a social worker will inspect the family’s home to ensure it is a safe environment for a child.

Furthermore, Angel Adoption requires each family to be educated on adopting and parenting. After a baby has been placed with the adoptive family, a social worker will continue to monitor and supervise the family. We go to great lengths to make sure all the families you have to choose from are going to be excellent parents for your baby!

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