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Race of child interested in adopting: Caucasian
Preferred Gender: No Preference
Our Religions: Christian / Christian
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Dear birthmother,

We are parents who have learned the true meaning of love and adoption. Getting to know the women who gave us such gifts and being able to love two beautiful boys has given us a new journey in life…a journey that would not have been possible without women like you. We have been allowed the honor to sing our boys to sleep, kiss away their tears, listen to their first words, and take them on wonderful adventures. Our lives so far have been so blessed and we are thrilled to have a chance to bring another baby into our family. We pursued adoption after we learned about some fertility difficulties and we really believe this is where God wants us to be. We are able to provide a warm and loving home and are able to provide for them financially. We attend Green Bay Community Church and have been becoming more involved. We are definitely an active family. Previously I have been a varsity volleyball coach as well as a volunteer assistant at the local division one college here in town. I have put that on hold until our children are older, but it is still a passion of mine. So far Reg and I with our boys have taken numerous camping trips, zoo and animal farm walks, snowmobiling weekends, waterpark outings, and Disney vacations. We want to experience every minute we can together and love to get out and live life.

We want to thank you for reading this letter and learning more about the pieces of our lives and how they may fit yours. We know you are going through a very difficult and complicated time in your life right now. We want you to get to know everything you can about us so that you can feel truly comfortable with choosing us and our crazy, love-filled home to raise your child. We are hoping you will decide to choose us to be the parents for the little one you carry and know that we are so touched that you would consider us. It takes a very special woman to love her child that much. Thanks again and we hope to be able to talk with you soon!

About Us

We have been married going on 8 years now and have two beautiful boys whom we adopted. We met while playing volleyball on a tournament team where we each knew a different player. We dated for over a year before he asked me to marry him. He even asked my dad for his permission! We were married in a colorful botanical garden and have come so far in our relationship, being closer now than we ever were before. Reggie is a true gentleman, treats me and his boys with kindness and respect. He still opens the car door for me after 9 years of being together. He puts our needs ahead of his own and is always making decisions on what is best for his family and not just for him. He is an awesome daddy and Jordan and Grayson just adore him. He spends a lot of time with his family and we take many trips together going on new adventures! When Reg is not home he is working as a security supervisor at the Oneida Casino in Green Bay or is off doing one outdoor activity or another. He also likes to work in the vegetable garden or watch Topshot and Storage Wars. Amber is currently on one of the greatest journeys of her life…being a mom. I have always wanted children and it has only been made possible through beautiful women such as you, who have lovingly allow us to raise your precious child. I have been working with children most of my life starting out in daycare and am now a pediatric registered nurse. I am currently a school nurse after obtaining my master’s degree a few months ago. Besides my work I am completely in love with my boys, spending most of my spare time with them. I also like to scrapbook, read novels, watch movies, and collect gardening things. I enjoy shows like NCIS and of course chick flicks! I am extremely close to my family and they are so excited for us to be adopting another child.

Our home / Our pets

We currently live in a quiet street in Green Bay where we bought our home. It is a 3 bedroom home with a large living room, kitchen, and dining room. We have a huge yard where Jordan and Grayson have a lot of room to run and play, as well as a playset they love to use. We share our home with a sweet Weimaraner who is very gentle and loves to play with the kids.

Our Extended Family

Family is very important to us and we have an amazing family.    Reg is the second oldest of five children and Amber is the oldest of five,
so there are lots of aunts and uncles around.  We have two nieces, two nephews and another baby on the way, so there are always cousins to play with.   We are very close with our families and get together to celebrate birthdays and all holidays.  We also plan camping trips and
family activities together.   Our families are very involved in our boy’s lives, coming to karate graduations, school events, and swimming
lessons.  We are also very lucky that Amber’s mom watches the boys while we work during the day.  To have her mom watch our children is truly a blessing for us and our boys.  Our families are what keeps everyone together, the support and love we find with them stems from
our parents.  Reg’s parents have been married 33 years and Amber’s for 32 years.  It is because of them that has made us who we are and
helped develop the closeness we all have today.


Our Adoption Story

Our family grew by one when we adopted Jordan in 2007.  He taught us so much in those first few years about ourselves and being parents, truly made us the happiest we had been.  Then we grew by one more when we adopted Grayson in 2010.  Grayson pursued to then teach us even more about being parents to one rambunctious little boy!  Jordan has been a wonderful big brother, so helpful, and Grayson will be too.  We have had such joy, laughter, and love in our home since these little boys came into our lives.

Fun Facts

Facts About Reggie

  • OccupationSecurity Supervisor
  • ReligionChristian
  • EducationHigh School
  • Favorite HobbyFishing
  • Favorite MovieTransformers
  • Favorite SportBaseball
  • Favorite HolidayChristmas
  • Favorite TV ShowAnything on ESPN
  • Favorite Childhood ToyGoing to watch my dad play softball and playing at the park with my siblings
  • Favorite Tradition Each November getting together with my friends to cook old stew recipes and play cards
  • Dream VacationAlaska

Facts About Amber

  • OccupationRegistered Nurse
  • ReligionChristian
  • EducationBachelor’s of Science in Nursing/Master’s in Education of Nursing
  • Favorite HobbyReading
  • Favorite MoviePride and Prejudice
  • Favorite SportVolleyball
  • Favorite Holiday4th of July
  • Favorite TV ShowGrey’s Anatomy
  • Favorite Childhood Toy Playing with my cousins growing up in the country. We play house, Barbie, school and go snowmobiling
  • Favorite TraditionChristmas evening at my parents. We all get in our PJ’s and cook supper. We open presents, watch movies, and play board games
  • Dream Vacation Caribbean, oceanfront resort

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